TRANS-WEG company, based in Sudół near Jędrzejów (Świętokrzyskie county), was established in 1975. Primary aim of the company was domestic transport.

Since 1991 we expanded by offering a sale of coal to our customers.
In 1993 we have been granted a first licence in international transport and since then a rapid expansion of our company followed.
TRANS-WEG is a private ownership with only polish capital.
The company’s founder is Zbigniew Włodarczyk, a person with many years of experience in transport and trade.

The chief asset of our company is modern fleet and high quality of services. Thanks to qualified and experienced personnel we guarantee solidity and meeting deadlines. Our technical base ensures reliability and safety of the fleet.

The main domain of our company remains fully loaded transport. We also offer services in part-loaded transport as well as domestic and dedicated transport. Since Poland have joined the EU, we specialize in deliveries between different countries in West, North, South and West Europe.
We also have long-standing experience in deliveries “just in time”, mainly in automotive and furniture trade.

During 35 years of existence we have established our position on the market and gained trust of many reputable international and domestic firms.

  • We operate based on CMR convention.
  • We have a licence to transport goods on international routes.
  • We are a member of Association of International Road Transport Carriers.
  • Our managers have Certificate of Professional Competence.
  • Our company have insurance of transported goods.

Currently we are in the process of implementing the quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2000.

In order to meet our clients’ needs and expectations our company doesn’t use fixed prices making them negotiable on every occasion.
Our forwarders are at Your disposal and constant contact with drivers thanks to GPS system enables current monitoring of transport route.

We support the children’s charity “Zdążyć z Pomocą” as well as many sport events in our region. We wish You to make use of our services; we guarantee reliability, honesty and professionalism.


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